Kobe Bryant calls Dwight Howard soft

The Rockets were trouncing the Lakers. But the score is always 0-0 in Kobe Bryant‘s mind. It is about the game within the game.

And even though his Lakers were trailing (and getting beat pretty badly), Bryant was taking no guff. Not even from his former teammate Dwight Howard.

Bryant was pressuring Howard on a rebound and Howard was swinging his arms to get space. Dwight was called for a foul and then a shouting match occurred. Bryant may have said something he will probably not regret:

The two were assessed double technical fouls after they kept jawing at each other. After being separated, Bryant was shaking his head looking across the court and said ‘soft.’

Maybe that is a reference to the double technicals. Maybe it is a reference to Howard’s time in Los Angeles.

The former NBA and Olympic teammates obviously disagree on some items in NBA culture.

[h/t Matt Moore, CBS Sports]

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