Monday night’s roundup: A fight and the death of Pau Gasol

Every night presents a different and incredibly wonderful experience for NBA fans and Monday night was no different. We saw a fight between bigs and the death of one beloved Pau Gasol. Here is all the good stuff from Monday night’s games in our roundup:

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Garnett and the Houston Rocket’s Dwight Howard had a very spirited altercation during the two team’s recent game and at the center of it all is once again known instigator – KG.

KG started it all with a slight shove when D-12 shoved back. And that is where the fun begins.

KG tosses the ball at Howard, then proceeds to head butt Howard. Of course Howard is going to defend himself and that’s when Dwight took a swing at KG.

That didn’t sit well with Kevin and the fracas got heated.

Rest in peace, Pau Gasol.

He leaves the NBA as one of the best centers and even recently made league history with his 46 point barrage.

Pau’s last moment on the court was agaiunst the Magic as Nikola Vucevic unloaded on the Spanish center with a dunk that destroyed him.

Check out the scene of the crime.

Funeral services for Gasol will be announced in the coming days.