Ty Lawson is in on the James Harden No-D Memes

That James Harden photo started making the rounds as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers 28-17 after the Cowboys last year had the worst statistical season defensively in NFL history. Or something like that. I am usually napping during NFL games Sunday afternoon (when does basketball start?!).

But this James Harden photo was pretty spot on. Video of Harden’s poor defense are favorites on YouTube and on this site, actually.

But it came from Nuggets guard Ty Lawson? Or if it did not, he at least reposted it on his Instagram feed. That counts as an endorsement, right?

I did not even know Lawson and Harden had any kind of beef. Or maybe the whole NBA is in on the joke about Harden’s defense.

Somehow though, I think Harden’s coordination might be an improvement for the Cowboys. Maybe Lawson could play quarterback?

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