Dion Waiters deal signals the end of 2016 free agency money grab

When you’re a kind on Halloween, you go out whenever dusk starts to set in and bang on doors using code words for free candy and go on your merry way with every house that has a porch light on. For the most part, you go around a neighborhood or a general area until at […]

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Five best free agents available after the madness

NBA free agency is sort of like Christmas for kids. They get up, tear open presents at a clip that suggests they barely know what they’re getting, and then within a fairly short period of time, it’s over and you have the rest of the day where they sit around wondering where all the excitement […]

Five Restricted Free Agents Worth Pursuing (for various reasons)

Restricted free agency in the NBA is a chess game. It’s not all about signing a player you really want and crossing your fingers. If could be, “signing a player you want but can live without, understanding that at worst, a rival is going to hemorrhage their finances to keep him.” See: Roy Hibbert, Eric […]

Frank Vogel in Orlando is the right coach for the right team at the right time

Fun. That’s the most important part of all of this. Frank Vogel was introduced as the Orlando Magic’s 12th coach in franchise history Monday, and that’s what he talked about. “We’re going to win and we’re going to have fun winning,” he told the assembled media. “We’re going to win and we’re going to have […]

Five NBA Draft Lottery Thoughts, 2016 style

The NBA’s version of Socialism meets Luck took place again, the always entertaining-but-you-never-really-know-why Draft Lottery. The Philadelphia 76ers “won,” which, thanks to Dikembe Mutumbo, had all the drama of fence paint drying on a 90-degree day. This is a landmark date, though, on the NBA calendar. One player can shift the fortunes of a franchise […]

Nate McMillan a good hire no one seemingly wants to admit

Dropping hints of breaking news that could be done anytime, but choosing a Saturday night to do so, is the equivalent of trying to climb the tree to your bedroom window hoping your parents sleeping on the couch don’t realize you’re sneaking in at 3 a.m. when they saw you last go to bed at […]

Frank Vogel: the latest to lose the star player-front office-coach war

Much like any good horror movie, the first one of the group to die off is usually the one that has the least power in the group and is thus deemed the most easily replaceable. The NBA works much the same. The Pacers’ extinguishing of Frank Vogel from the franchise via the ole passive aggressive […]

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The NBA needs to drop the retroactive missed call reports

If the NBA was a senator, “game fixing” would be the equivalent of saying, “Remember that time he voted for THAT bill everyone hates.” It’s a charge the league cannot completely outrun, no matter what it tries. Tim Donaghy outing the league on shifty practices with officials merely confirmed what most people assumed went on […]

Frank Vogel — patient architect of the Pacers’ rise whose players couldn’t handle pressure last season, or young, in-over-his-head coach who should have been able to guide his roster through the past season with a steadier hand? That’s not an easy question to answer. How the Pacers perform in the coming season could very well prove to be decisive for Vogel’s coaching career, for better or worse. The roster Larry Bird gives him should factor into subsequent assessments of his coaching acumen, 12 months from now.

Larry Bird suggests the Pacers are moving on from Frank Vogel… but we’ll see

If the Indiana Pacers were a relationship conversation, it’d be the ole lukewarm, “I don’t really like you that much anymore, but I haven’t yet figured out quite how to tell you.” I have no knowledge of Larry Bird and Frank Vogel’s texting habits, but on the outside, it feels like Frank is in the zone […]

Stop complaining. The NBA Playoffs don’t need to change.

In today’s world, the immediate, visceral reaction to anything these days seems to be, “Where can I find the negative and harp on it?” When it comes to the NBA playoffs, there have been a few blowouts. So obviously, throw the whole thing out. Also, toss in some free college, while you’re at it. — Twitter […]

The Pacers don’t care, and now, they’re done.

When they write the obituary on the 2015-2016 Indiana Pacers’ season (soon), it’ll read like an annual employee review under the “Employee Strengths” section where it says “shows up to work in uniform on time.” That’s about all the Pacers have going for them after a Game 3 evisceration by the Toronto Raptors on Thursday, […]

If old Paul George returns, the sky’s the limit for the Pacers

Folks don’t remember it much, because folks tend to forget quickly in this microwave world, but before Paul George snapped his leg in a Team USA exhibition, he was arguably one of the top five players in the NBA. The combination George had — length, athleticism, defense, and just a tinge of overconfidence — made […]

NBA Playoffs: Western Conference sleepers, stars and predictions

Author’s note: Check out my preview of the Eastern Conference playoffs at this link. * Relative to the East, the Western Conference is similarly cut and dry: As exciting as the NBA playoffs always are, there is rarely much that knocks you out of your knickers in terms of surprises. Translation: buckle up for fun, […]