CC Power Rankings: February 18

With All-Star Weekend gone (and football season completely behind us), it is now a good time to release our updated power rankings. This edition of our rankings series takes a look at the top 15 teams in the league as we hit the second half of the season. * 1. Golden State Warriors (48-4) Last 10: 10-0 If […]

CC Power Rankings: January 25

With the dog days of the NBA season upon us, it’s time to take a new look at our updated power rankings. Each team is now past the halfway point and should be focused on either battling for playoff position or rebuilding for a brighter future. This edition of our rankings series takes a look […]

The sad and intriguing race for the eighth seed in the West

How much worth is there in obtaining a chance to be demolished by the Golden State in the first round of the playoffs? It depends on whom you ask. For a team like Sacramento, which has gone nine straight seasons without a playoff berth, reaching the postseason as the eighth seed in the Western Conference […]

CC Power Rankings: January 11

Christmas has come and gone. The New Year parties are over. We have reached the point of the NBA season where teams are simultaneously gearing up for the stretch run while also counting down the days until the All-Star break. This edition of our power rankings series takes a look at the top 15 teams throughout the […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Western Conference

The calendar has turned to 2016, and “resolution season” is in full swing. The theme is no different for multiple teams across the NBA, especially in the Western Conference, as teams look to finish the first half of the regular season in strong fashion. So, what resolutions should some of those teams make? We break […]

NBA power rankings: pre-Christmas breakdown

While basketball lovers and aficionados watch the NBA all year long, a subsection of fans seems to ignore the sport until the blitz of games that Christmas Day brings. If you fall into that latter category, this pre-Christmas power rankings update is for you. The league has seen one of its most exciting starts in […]