June 13-15, 2013: Myles Turner during the NBA Players Association Top 100 camp at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

Myles Turner Does Not Look Horrible

When Myles Turner was coming out of high school, many had him projected to be an excellent college player that would eventually turn into a very high NBA draft pick. A five-star recruit by every reputable scouting service in the land, Turner decided to take his talents to play under Rick Barnes at Texas. Then […]

You’ve Got NBA Mail: World Premiere

Welcome to a new feature at Crossover Chronicles: You’ve Got NBA Mail. The best way to explain the shenanigans ahead is to simply say that our staff sometimes emails each other, as staffs tend to do. Well, we decided to publish some of what was said because we want to run for President, and transparency […]

Fred Hoiberg Debuts Hoiball in the NBA, and Everything Is Different

Full disclosure: I have spent a large portion of my Internet scribbling career gushing over Fred Hoiberg. Then, however, as he decided to leave the realm of college basketball for the NBA, my tune changed because of an uncertainty I had for his fit with  the Chicago Bulls. That said, there is still a reason […]

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This Could Be a Defining Season for Derrick Rose

Talking in definitive terms regarding anything that is constantly fluid is usually unwise. However, in sports we attempt to do such things on the regular. It is a dangerous game we play, one in which we are more often wrong than not. Yet, danger sometimes fails to dissuade human beings from doing that which seems irresistible. The […]

We Poked Fun at Lamar Odom. Now What?

It is all fun and games. It’s always hilarious to poke, jab, and prod the famous person from a distance. Why not, right? They have money, date beautiful people, and for much of the general public, “their personal issues aren’t real.” Their issues aren’t our problems, we think. Lamar Odom was reportedly found unconscious at […]

Thabo Sefolosha Being Found “Not Guilty” Should Not End Discussion

When a person is acquitted, it’s easy to think that a given story is over. The drama has run its course. The matter has been solved. This is anything but the case for Thabo Sefolosha… and for us as well. Misdemeanor obstructing government administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest were the charges Thabo Sefolosha faced. […]

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Matt Barnes, NBA Security, and a Race Witch Hunt

Deep breaths, everyone. It is well known by know that Matt Barnes went all Temecula on Derek Fisher, because the latter was apparently going with the former’s ex. Since this is the NBA and all, many people have reported that NBA Security was unaware of the situation, but that it was going to look into […]

Denver Nuggets forward Nikoloz Tskitishvili of Georgia shoots a free throw during drills during the opening day of training camp on Friday, Oct. 3, 2003, in Denver. One of the Nuggets’ two, first-round draft picks in 2002, Tskitishvili is battling for a spot on the roster, which has been upgraded since last season’s finish in a tie for the worst record in the NBA with Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Everyone Making Fun of Nikoloz Tskitishvili Is Mean… Kind Of

I am not sure why we do this, but whenever an NBA player is drafted highly and fails, we calls him a bust. That has always seemed rather strange to me. Why is the player a bust and not the people who drafted him? Was the player supposed to tell the general manager, “No, boss. Don’t […]

Luke Walton Will Get to Make The Most Out of Dry Head Coaching Run

Most new NBA head coaches walk into situations that more closely resemble dumpster fires than resplendent city gardens. Then again, most new NBA head coaches don’t start their head coaching careers in an interim capacity with a defending championship team. Nevertheless, being an NBA head coach — no matter the how — is a big […]

Don’t Cry Over The New NBA Playoff Seeding Plan

Divisions, in nearly all professional sports, seem rather arbitrary. Example: No one cares how many NL East crowns the Atlanta Braves won in the ’90s, people cared more about their failures to win multiple World Series. Really, divisions are rather silly. Outside of being used for logistic purposes when the NBA makes their schedules, I […]

Jim Buss continues to say some crazy things, but at what cost?

The Los Angeles Lakers are something, right? Not only from a historical perspective, but in the sense that we always expect them to bounce back from disastrous seasons and develop a roster with at least a few stars roaming the hardwood. Then again, all of those thoughts subconsciously placed into our craniums over the years […]

Hornets Give a Smart Extension to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

There was a time when many considered Michael Kidd-Gilchrist the player least likely to be a bust from the 2012 NBA Draft. That was part of the reason few batted an eye when the (then) Charlotte Bobcats selected him with the second overall pick in the draft. Fast-forward a few years (and a name change) […]

Phil Jackson Might Sometimes Say Silly Things, But That’s Okay

Phil Jackson was once remembered as being one of — if not the — best coaches in the history of basketball. Yet, that was “forever” ago: way before social media, and especially before he took over the duties of trying to make the incompetent New York Knicks slightly more competent. Jackson aimed to do this […]

Being An NBA Head Coach Is The Worst Job In The History of Mankind

The headline for this column is probably a little too strong. (EDITOR’S NOTE: PROBABLY?!?!?!?! However, we’ll still allow it, because PAGEVIEWS. –M.Z.) Being an NBA head coach is certainly not the worst job ever. Not literally, at least. NBA coaches are not putting their lives on the line, digging ditches for pennies, or performing any […]