Benny the Bull is America’s most popular mascot

The Chicago Bulls’ season ended last night, losing in five games to the defending champion Miami Heat. It was a rough year for the Bulls, who had to wait patiently through Derrick Rose’s recovery only to have him sit out the whole season. They limped through the playoffs, grinding out a gritty series win against […]

Sloan could return to coaching with Bucks

Since Jerry Sloan abruptly left the Utah Jazz after 23 seasons in February 2011, his name has come up as a possible candidate for a couple of head coaching positions, but Sloan has always withdrawn because it was not the right fit. The 71-year-old Hall of Famer is carefully choosing the team that could entice […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 19

Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat: Game 2 –       It will be interesting to see if Miami decides to get serious and play a full 48 minutes tonight. For the first five games of the Heat's postseason, they have seemed to go at half speed for the first three quarters and then decided to turn it on down […]

George Karl wins Coach of the Year

Less than a week after being knocked out of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl has been named the NBA Coach of the Year. Karl led the Nuggets to their best season record in franchise history at 57-25, including an astounding 38-3 at home. Karl received 62 first […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 18

Indiana Pacers/New York Knick: Game 2 –       Knicks under some real pressure tonight. They cannot leave New York down 0-2. They especially need to focus on playing more physical and not letting the Pacers muscle them around. –       Knicks getting the offense going early and taking advantage of quite a few Pacer turnovers. –       I […]

Clippers focused on bringing back CP3

After Chris Paul was ejected from Game Six in the Los Angeles Clippers’ first round series against the Memphis Grizzlies, some wondered if that was going to be the last image of Paul in a Clipper uniform. Paul has the option of signing a five-year, $107 million extension with the team this summer or he […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 17

Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat: Game 1 –       The line in this game closed with Miami as 13-point favorites. I am taking Chicago because I feel like this will be a close game. The Bulls are still fired up and carrying momentum from their last series and Heat may be a little slow after not playing for […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 16

Memphis Grizzlies/Oklahoma City Thunder: Game 1 –       I think now we are going to see how much the Thunder will miss Russell Westbrook. They go from the Rockets, who play close to no defense, to the Grizzlies who have the best defense in the league. –       Kevin Durant is the only one doing anything for […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 15

Chicago Bulls/Brooklyn Nets: Game 7 –       The one and only Game 7 in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Not sure what to expect from this game. We have seen both teams be very bipolar, it is just a question of which team shows up. I am going with the Nets though. –       Joakim […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 14

New York Knicks/Boston Celtics: Game 6 –       Four Game Sixes tonight. That is a lot of basketball packed into a Friday night. It is an easy decision in the first round of games. Going with this game rather than Pacers/Hawks, as I am sure most of the world will be. –       The Celtics decided to […]

Phil Jackson helping out the Pistons

It seems like any coaching vacancy that opens up these days is followed with the immediate thought that “hey, Phil Jackson might want to coach there.” The answer is always no, and Jackson has shown no signs of wanting to return to the bench, whether it be for a contender or the challenge of a […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 13

Brooklyn Nets/Chicago Bulls: Game 6 –       I am picking both road teams tonight. I would have picked the Nets even before I learned Luol Deng was not playing. Last night I recorded a podcast where I compared these Nets to the 2006 Phoenix Suns who came back from 3-1 down against the L.A. Lakers. I […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 12

Boston Celtics/New York Knicks: Game 5 –       Before the game, Charles Barkley was saying how he wanted to root for the Celtics because of what J.R. Smith did to Jason Terry and how Smith was saying the Knicks would have swept if he was playing. I am going to jump on that bandwagon. –       I […]

Who’s to blame for the Clippers’ collapse?

The Los Angeles Clippers won the first game of their series against the Memphis Grizzlies by 21 points. They squeaked out a Game Two win on a buzzer-beating shot by Chris Paul to take a solid 2-0 lead before heading on the road. They lost Games Three and Four in Memphis by 12 and 21 […]

Quick hits from the NBA playoffs: Day 11

Golden State Warriors/Denver Nuggets: Game 5 –       I do not expect the Nuggets to come out disheartened. I think they know the magic they have on the floor at home and will not take it for granted tonight. –       For the last three games, it has seemed like the Warriors have dictated the pace and […]