How NBA fans should hope the Draft Lottery shakes out

If you’re an unabashed fan of an unsuccessful team, you know how you’d like to see the NBA Draft Lottery line up if your team hasn’t traded away its future (sorry, Nets fans). Of course you want the team you support to be gifted the opportunity to take a potentially franchise-altering player with the first […]

A first-class second round: Giving due recognition to the second round of the 2015 draft

Not all rookies can be Karl-Anthony Towns, or Kristaps Porzingis, or Justise Winslow, or Willie Cauley-Stein… …or D’Angelo Russell, or Devon Booker, or Myles Turner (damn, this draft class rules). Despite some outstanding first-year performances this season, the reality when it comes to rookies is that they just don’t typically affect winning or improve their […]

A Queen City Quandary: Should the Hornets consider dealing Nic Batum?

Charlotte’s strong start to the season was powered by the unexpected. This was supposed to be an antiquated, three-point-fearing squad not cut out for the NBA. The Jeremys, Lamb and Lin, were depth additions, brought in with little fanfare or expectations. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s injury was supposed to crush the team’s defensive potential and send the […]

CC – The Podcast: Big decisions looming

On the first podcast of 2016, Sean Woodley and Joe Manganiello chat about whether or not the Hornets should consider trading Nic Batum, Danny Leroux’s piece suggesting the Clippers trade Chris Paul, Sam Mitchell’s role with the developing Timberwolves and the Raptors’ impending decision to bring back DeMar DeRozan or let him walk. Listen at […]

Three realistic trades that should happen … but probably won’t

To most normal people, December 15th is extraordinarily regular. For most, it’s probably a day a to get in some Christmas shopping before the eleventh hour approaches. For daydreaming NBA fans though, December 15th – the day after which contracts signed in the summer can be traded – represents the loosening of the straight-jacket wrapped […]

Kyle Lowry is the engine of the Raptors, and he needs to be protected

Given everything stacked against the Toronto Raptors in the early going of this season, a rough start could have been justified, even expected. But instead of falling victim to Jonas Valanciunas’ broken hand, DeMarre Carroll’s gimpy foot, a road-dominated November and a tenth of its first 20 games coming against the Warriors, Toronto avoided a […]

CC – The Podcast: The Warriors are going 98-0

Sean Woodley and Joe Manganiello convene for a podcast about the Warriors going 98-0, the revamped Charlotte Hornets, how the Boston Celtics are winning with a roster of decent-not-great players, whether or not this NBA season has been a let down, the idea of a secondary FA Cup-style NBA tournament and the sadness that is […]

Searching for light in the darkness that was Lakers-Sixers

When it comes to low-hanging fruit, it doesn’t get any riper than the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers. Through a month-plus of action this season, the Sixers and Lakers have managed to reach seemingly impossible levels of ineptitude, but in very different ways. A certain level of suck was expected from the Sixers this […]

Lacking Jazz: Why Utah’s offense has struggled this season

The Utah Jazz can defend. Since trading Enes Kanter and inserting Rudy Gobert into the starting five at the deadline last season, Quin Snyder’s team has undergone a startling transformation. Utah was by the far the best defensive team in the final two months of the 2014-15 campaign, posting a 94.8 Defensive Rating that was […]

More than baby steps: two players making unheralded leaps this season

Andre Drummond has been the breakout star of this young NBA season. In concert with his pick-and-roll maestro of a point guard Reggie Jackson, and a more streamlined Pistons roster that better suits his strengths, Drummond has been a terror. His post maneuvers are smoother, and his runs to the rim are impossible to stop. […]

How the Boston Celtics dodged a Draft Night bullet

You could have defended Charlotte Hornets general manager Rich Cho’s decisison to trade Noah Vonleh and Gerald Henderson for Nic Batum before the 2015 Draft. The move was widely panned, but you could at least understand Cho’s thinking: in Batum, he was getting a well-rounded swing man who, paired with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, could have formed […]

CC – The Podcast: Recapping Opening Week

This week, Sean Woodley and Joe Manganiello re-cap the opening week-and-a-bit of the NBA season. After paying tribute to Grantland, the guys chat about the surprisingly feisty Orlando Magic, unfairly comparing rookies to Hall-of-Famers, the undefeated Toronto Raptors and the extraterrestrial joy that is Stephen Curry. They also introduce a new segment: Random Games of […]

The Brooklyn Nets: A Model of Inefficiency

The Nets were always going to be an arduous watch this season. With its mishmash of crafty, vertically-challenged scorers, a nineties-era point guard, and a slew of flawed prospects trying to merely prove they belong in the NBA, Brooklyn was never going to be capable of churning out an entertaining brand of basketball. Not even […]

CC – The Podcast: Western Conference Preview

In the Western Conference preview edition of Crossover Chronicles: The Podcast, Sean Woodley and Joe Manganiello run through their favorite and least-favorite things about all of the West’s teams. Listen at the Soundcloud link below and subscribe on iTunes!

CC – The Podcast: Eastern Conference Preview

In the Eastern Conference preview edition of Crossover Chronicles: The Podcast, Sean Woodley and Joe Manganiello run through their favorite and least-favorite things about all of the East’s teams. Listen at the Soundcloud link below and subscribe to the show on iTunes!