The Lakers and their slow-motion trainwreck, in 2 tweets

The Los Angeles Lakers are in more trouble than their record indicates, if that’s possible.

Columnists and opinion-givers are always shouting about how this coach stinks and that coach should be fired. Everyone has an opinion.

With the Lakers, it’s becoming objectively difficult to say that keeping Byron Scott on the job is even remotely reasonable.

Not convinced? Check out these two tweets from Tuesday night, following the Lakers’ loss to the Miami Heat. Byron Scott has no clue, specifically in relationship to playing D’Angelo Russell, the team’s most important new player.

There’s simply no defense for how Scott is going about his business. What adds to his coaching malpractice here is that Kobe Bryant didn’t even play against the Heat. This should have cleared the way for Russell to get extended fourth-quarter minutes. Nope.

Here are the tweets: