The Highest Ranking NBA Teams for the 2020 Season

Many people were deeply saddened that the NBA season was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. After all, they live for these exciting games.

But even though the light is not green yet, it seems like the NBA fans have got their wish. The 2020 season is back on, and the playoffs are going to be held soon.

However, the organization still has plenty of hurdles to clear up before they can get the matches started again. Still, one thing is evident and non-negotiable; the arenas will have no fans what-so-ever.

That’s right, no one can go and support their favorite basketball teams during the games. Even watching from home will feel abnormal because there will be no cheers, no boos, and empty seats.

While it’s far from perfect, the NBA has put the health of the players, staff, coaches, and the public as their number one priority, and basketball comes at a second. That is fantastic, and, hey, at least there will be a 2020 NBA season.

Many websites will keep the fans up-to-date on the latest, so check out all the exciting new stories.

Now, let’s get to the top eight teams on the NBA list for this season.

   1. Los Angeles Lakers

The LA Lakers are going strong by holding on to the number one position.

This shortened season is the perfect opportunity for the legend, LeBron James, and his team to take the winning title. The break gave them a perfect chance to rest, heal, and be prepared for the games.

    2. Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks hold their position as the close second very easily by having Giannis Antetokounmpo on the team. Even if their star player struggles to show off his skills after the corona break, other stars on the team, Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton, will be there to pick up the slack.

   3. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers rank third in the NBA power rankings.

Another one from Los Angeles at the top? Yes. That is why many fans are confident that either one of the LA teams will end up representing the Western Conference in the finals.

   4. Toronto Raptors

Holding the number four position, the Raptors are a favorite to make it to NBA Finals representing the Eastern Conference.

They were at the top in the east pre-corona, and many people expect them to be the same once the season starts. But only time will tell if the break was good for the team or not.

   5. Boston Celtics

From being number seven to five, the Celtics might be among the strongest teams in the Eastern Conference.

Pre-lockdown, Kemba Walker was off the court because of a knee injury. But if he can walk into Orlando without a problem, then the eastern teams can be in trouble.

   6. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder went down from being the fifth on the list. That, along with their lineup, has made it difficult for them to rise in the West.

However, it won’t be a surprise if the team manages to do well down in Florida.

   7. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets went up three ranks, previously being at the number seven.

Even though they were beaten by two of the worst teams in the NBA, they can make a significant recovery in the post-corona games.

   8. Miami Heat

Staying at the number eight, the Heat will be playing the matches in their home state of Florida, along with the 20 other teams.

The Miami Heat does have the ability to get higher on the board if they perform well. Also, post-corona games will give the young star, Tyler Herro, a chance to show off his skills.