The worst NBA Contracts in the Last Decade

It doesn’t really matter on what’s going on currently in the world. But you can also count on the wrong business moves that are being made by individual NBA franchises once per season. Sometimes it can be countless future picks for players that are edging closer to their retirement.

There is always a moment from the fans whereby they will be like, ooh wow, I cannot believe the team I support did that”.

Therefore, we are going to take a look back at the previous decade whereby we witness the worst NBA contracts that were signed out in 2010s.

Nicolas Batum, Five years – $120 million

According to a blog, Batum is now on his 4th year of his shocking contract and he will see himself earning another $27 million in his final year with the Charlotte Hornets at the age of 31 years old.

During his first year of his new contract Batum was a serviceable player that was averaging 34 minutes, which is his career higher 15 points, six rebound and 6 assists during the 2016/17 season. However, from the season Batum went on and have a massive decline in his career.

Timofey Mozgov, 4 Years – $64 million

This is another product of 2016 amongst the fee agent class that witness franchise spend real money on anyone. However, Timofey managed to secure himself a four-year $64 million contract for the Los Angeles Laker. This was after participating on the tittle winning Cleveland Cavaliers.

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