Watch: NBA Players read mean tweets

It’s another edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets but this time it’s with NBA players! Featured are: Jalen Rose Klay Thompson Blake Griffin Andre Iguodala Russell Westbrook Reggie Miller Doc Rivers Magic Johnson Shaq Steph Curry DeAndre Jordan Dikembe Mutumbo Wait for it, because the last two are the best…..

First round in review: injuries got in the way on many levels

The first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs suffered from an abundance of games in which two teams couldn’t play well at the same time, but if you’re going to knock the level of play from the past fortnight, you have to factor injuries into the equation. Yes, few series displayed the best the NBA […]

The Trail Blazers embrace their rite of playoff passage in Los Angeles

Sports always carry a richly psychological component, but for the Portland Trail Blazers, the between-the-ears reality of high-stakes competition was never more profound than on Wednesday night. In Game 5 of the Western Conference first round against the Los Angeles Clippers, the Trail Blazers figured to win. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were out. J.J. […]

For DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers who can play, a crucible arrives

In a very real sense, the Los Angeles Clippers and DeAndre Jordan are playing with less pressure in the final games of their Western Conference first-round series against the Portland Trail Blazers. No Chris Paul. No Blake Griffin. The Clippers are no longer an NBA title contender after very briefly seeing a sliver of daylight […]

April Autopsy: Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets might not have the same upside the Minnesota Timberwolves possess, but they join the T-Wolves as a non-playoff organization which died a very good death in 2016. Most of the non-playoff organizations in the NBA — not to mention their fans — cannot be very happy right now. The Sixers, Nets, Lakers, […]

NBA trade DEAD-line passes predictably quiet

If the 2016 NBA trade deadline was a motion picture, it’d be “Waterworld.” This site predicted a few things … that if moving parts happened on a contender, they’d be minor and likely be with Cleveland. Check. There would be a few fringe playoff teams burning up the phones trying to get in so they […]

Breaking: Blake Griffin’s hand… and the Clippers’ trust in each other

The Los Angeles Clippers entered this season as a team with multiple knuckleheads on the roster. You know what a knucklehead generally is, but let’s be clear and up front about it: A knucklehead is someone who persistently makes egregiously bad decisions, on or off the court, to the extent that his team is repeatedly […]

The Clippers create new possibilities, even as they wait to shed old labels

It’s time for another check-in with the NBA’s most mysterious team, the Los Angeles Clippers. Where does Doc Rivers stand after the first weekend of the new year? It’s definitely a much better place than two weeks ago, when this team was barely over .500 and languishing in the mushy, broad middle section of the […]

While the Thunder awaken, the Clippers remain in search of themselves

It’s only the middle of December, but we might be seeing the Oklahoma City Thunder find themselves under first-year head coach Billy Donovan. The Thunder haven’t just pounded the Memphis Grizzlies and dispatched the Atlanta Hawks over the past few days. The big thing to note with Oklahoma City is that it has defended well. […]

Draymond Green Changes Everything For Warriors

The Warriors are the best team in the NBA on both ends, scoring 111.7 points per 100 possessions while placing the majority of their opponents in a chokehold. For much of the first half against the Clippers on Thursday, however, their in-state adversary got the better of the Warriors. Chris Paul, a game-time decision with […]

Chris Paul, J.J. Redick Availability Uncertain For Clippers-Warriors Round 2

On Wednesday, Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said his starting backcourt is questionable for Thursday’s marque matchup in L.A. against the reigning champion Warriors. Chris Paul, always in the discussion for MVP, and J.J. Redick, the team’s best shooter, have both missed multiple games in a row with injury. The contentious rivalry between the NBA’s premiere offensive […]

Lance Starts Cold While Clippers Remain Red Hot

Lance Stephenson hit his first shot of his first possession as a Clipper — a 3-pointer no less — as the shot clock wound down against the Kings. The much-maligned wing was acquired on the cheap by Los Angeles to inject youthful athleticism to a dusty roster, and maybe, just maybe, he’d regain some of […]

NBA MVP: Who will it be in 2016?

The NBA season is just a week away, so the team at Crossover Chronicles is gearing up for all the action. We’ll convene a roundtable a day through next Tuesday, when the 2015-2016 NBA campaign begins. Our first topic in this buffet of basketball talk before the curtain goes up: This season’s MVP. Which three […]