Scott Brooks goes to D.C., where the absence of “D and C” matters most

Scott Brooks might have enabled the Washington Wizards to win the Eastern Conference championship in the NBA coaching carousel for 2016. (The Minnesota Timberwolves won the Western Conference title when they hired Tom Thibodeau.) That notion — specifically, that the Wizards might have done something better than any other team in the East — is […]

April Autopsy: Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards can cite repeated injuries as a reason they didn’t reach their potential this season. However, they can’t point to injuries as the only reason they failed to make the NBA playoffs. The Wizards — if they wanted to have a realistic shot at landing Kevin Durant in free agency — needed to […]

The Wizards’ lost season goes “Poof” in Sacramento

The Washington Wizards don’t need to hear it… or maybe they do: No one feels sorry for anyone else in professional sports. Injuries, one-point losses, bad calls, they’re part of the game. The NBA season offers teams 82 chances to make their case. If several games spin sideways, the bulk of the schedule offers teams […]

2016 NBA Free Agency: The Top 5 Players At Each Position

I know the 2016 NBA free agency period is still a while away, but rumors are heating up about certain players and their potential futures (or lack there of) with their current teams. The 2016 free agency period will be a steady one. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s still solid nonetheless. […]

Don’t look now, but here come the Wizards

The Washington Wizards are 19-19. They’re not even in a playoff position at the midpoint of the season, weeks before the All-Star break. Like every other Eastern Conference team not named the Cleveland Cavaliers, they have their share of gaping flaws. Yet, as hard as it might seem to say of a ballclub which is 10th […]

Monday Musings: The 10-Game Rule in 2015

My, my, my — we know that early-season basketball is tumultuous, but the 2015 portion of the new NBA season is giving us a November to remember in this regard. Last week, we mentioned how many teams had already managed to fit a three-game losing skid into two weeks of basketball. Teams basically played well […]

The night the NBA began to worry

That’s an admittedly alarmist title, but it’s not exactly untrue. Tuesday night was the night the NBA began to worry… about the health of many of its best players. Bradley Beal did not play in what was one of the most anticipated early-season games on the schedule, the clash between Beal’s Washington Wizards and the […]

Bradley Beal sinks the Spurs in D.C.

Brad is a bad man. Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards, his veins made of ice, splashed this three with 0.3 seconds left to defeat the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night:

Teague Over Fatigue: The Heartbeat Of The Hawks Stands Tall

In this and every American sports springtime, the glory of the NBA and NHL playoffs is revealed in a number of specific moments. Naturally, Game 7s stand apart. Game 6s in which the lower seed is trying to close out a series occupy another lofty place in our imaginations. Recall LeBron James changing his legacy […]

Things Falling Into Place for a Wizards’ Finals Run

The conference semifinals are underway and only two teams have yet to lose a game this postseason. One is the Golden State Warriors — the league’s best team during the regular season — and the other was the fifth seed in the lowly Eastern Conference, the Washington Wizards. After closing out the Toronto Raptors with […]

Watch: Top 10 plays from the opening day of NBA playoffs

The Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors all took a 1-0 lead in their series yesterday. Here’s the top ten best plays from those games from the NBA’s Youtube Channel… Also, make sure you check out our Vine account for other great playoff highlights.

Washington Wizards: Who The Heck Are They?

Who are the Washington Wizards? Thanks to Paul Pierce questioning if John Wall and Bradley Beal “have what it takes”, it seems to be a rather topical question. Not that Pierce is the lone person to ever question the two players. Still, even despite the messenger having bashed a multitude of people which have made people […]

Tony Parker didn’t have much luck at the rim vs. Wizards

The Spurs saw their 17-game winning streak versus the Wizards snapped Tuesday night in Washington and guard Tony Parker might want to forget the game as well. See, despite the fact No. 9 is known for getting into the lane with ease and drop his patented floaters, against Washington’s Kris Humphries and Bradley Beal, things […]