The Hawks’ changes shouldn’t be substantial — not yet

As soon as the Atlanta Hawks were eviscerated in Game 2 of their series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, it became apparent the Eastern Conference semifinal would not last more than five games. For the second straight season, the Hawks found no answers and no hope against the Cavs. There’s no shame in the losing itself, […]

The Hawks can officially live with their season

The Atlanta Hawks will try to win respect when they face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference semifinals, but on Thursday night in Boston, they won the right to think that their 2016 season was not a failure. All team-sport professional athletes want to win the championship of their league, but anyone who puts […]

Cavalier delight: The Hawks beat the Celtics, and neither team impresses

Saturday night in Georgia, the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference first round. That’s what the official historical record will indicate. Unofficially, the Cleveland Cavaliers won. They will play one of these teams in the Eastern Conference semifinals, barring an all-time sports upset at the hands of the Detroit […]

The Hawks turn frowns upside down in another abrupt reversal

The Atlanta Hawks have performed a Dikembe Mutombo-style finger wag at idiots the past few weeks. Back on February 21, one idiot had the temerity to write that the Hawks’ hopes of putting together a successful season were shrinking to the point of being little more than a sliver. The path to the No. 3 seed? […]

Dark clouds gather in Atlanta, as the Hawks’ hopes dim considerably

To win in baseball, a team needs pitchers who can get outs with several pitches, a splitter being one of them. Without Tiago Splitter, the Atlanta Hawks have less depth and rim protection. The first two games after the All-Star break have painted the worst possible picture for a team whose postseason prospects are getting […]

Hawking players? Atlanta should act on a relatively small scale

Peyton Manning said he was going to drink a lot of Bud Sunday night after winning Super Bowl 50. The Atlanta Hawks don’t need to drive Bud to drink (again). * It’s been one of the hot topics in the NBA this week: Are the Atlanta Hawks going to blow up their roster? It might […]

Tom Thibodeau Could Tell Phil Jackson: It’s Not “Goink” Very Well

Reaction to the firing of Tom Thibodeau as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls has acquired all shapes and sizes, flowing in every possible direction. There’s a general consensus about the situation in terms of the relationship between Thibodeau and management, and when Adrian Wojnarowski weighs in, you can reliably view his assessment as […]

Atlanta Makes The East Finals And Hopes For Liberation

In any sporting competition, the balance of responsibility between the winner and the loser will always be different. The Boston Celtics lost Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals more than the Los Angeles Lakers won it. The Miami Heat lost the 2011 NBA Finals more than the Dallas Mavericks won it… and Dallas lost […]

Watch: Kyle Korver nails clutch three as Hawks even series

The Washington Wizards were John Wall-less and the Atlanta Hawks were in a must win situation on their home court as they didn’t want to go down 2-0 before they headed to Washington. The Hawks led throughout but the Wizards made a run in the fourth quarter. This Kyle Korver three pointer with 2:53 left […]

Watch: Korver torches Nets with six threes in Game Six

The Atlanta Hawks buried the Brooklyn Nets in the second half of their game six to take the series victory. One of the keys for the Hawks was Kyle Korver. In the Nets victories in the series, they played Korver very tight and held him to 4 for 18 combined shooting from the three point […]

Atlanta’s Korver was En Fuego

How did he not win the 2015 NBA Three-Point Shootout? The Hawks’ Kyle Korver put on a shooting display from deep versus the Bucks as he nailed four three-pointers in a row. That’s an instant 12 points in a row for the Hawks. Whether it was from straight on, from the corners, or with a […]

Hawks make some more history

Not only are the Hawks the only team to go 17-0 during an entire month, but now the starting five are the only starting core to share Player of the Month honors. All the starters — DeMarre Carroll, Kyle Korver, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, and Paul Millsap — were in double figure scoring, but none […]

Damian Lillard, Mike Conley and another year of All-Star snub talk

From the confines of my office Thursday night, I received two notifications from the NBA Game Time app (have you pledged appllegiance?) that 14 players had been selected as reserves in the 2015 NBA All-Star game. We’re supposed to scream and shout about which players were snubbed every year, for tradition’s sake, but I mostly agree […]