The Knicks and Lakers are looking ahead to a possibly bright future

The New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are undoubtedly two of the NBA’s most popular franchises, which probably has something to do with them being based in the United States’ two biggest cities. However, even as Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center continue to fill up to capacity, the respective product on the […]

Lakers GM says Kobe’s tirade is nothing new

You remember the recent video of Lakers’ Kobe Bryant going off on teammates and GM Mitch Kupchak? Well apparently that isn’t anything new. Speaking with NBA Radio, Mitch said the tirade was blown out of proportion and that Kobe’s out burst was simply a product of some trash talking, competition and high energy. Or as […]

Mark Cuban hopes the Lakers suck forever

The Dallas Mavericks owner has never minced his words and has not always been eloquent with them either. This time is no different as he went on “The Fred Roggin Show” and proceeded to wish the worst the Lakers. “As far as the Lakers, I think there’s gonna be a lot of teams that are going […]

Mavs’ Cuban feels Lakers best years are behind them

The Lakers franchise is one of titles, great players, numerous memories, and one of the most storied teams in NBA history. Under the leadership of Jerry Buss, the Lakers were a consistent playoff contender but now that the Buss era is over, Mavericks’ Mark Cuban feels the team will be floundering for many seasons to […]

For Some Reason, the Lakers Seem Intent On Keeping Pau Gasol

  The Lakers certainly have been a lightning rod team of sorts for most of their history, but more so in this past offseason than at any other time in recent memory. Obviously, being dragged into the Dwight Howard saga–and eventually trading for the center– along with trading for Steve Nash and firing head coach […]