9 Feb 1997: Seattle Supersonics forward Shawn Kemp (right) and guard Gary Payton confer during the NBA All-Star game in Cleveland, Ohio. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr/Allsport

The 5 Greatest NBA Non-Title Teams

NBA immortality is typically measured in rings. There are non-title teams that leave such a permanent mark on the sport, however, that their significance transcends counting championships. As Matt Zemek and I have discussed throughout the month, most of the greatest teams are spearheaded by the sport’s greatest players — elite talent makes elite teams. There […]

Top 4 Potential Coaching Vacancies, Who Fills Them

Thus far in the 2014-2015 NBA season three head coaches have lost their jobs. Mike Malone, formerly the Kings head coach, led the way followed by Orlando’s release of Jacque Vaughn, and most recently Brian Shaw in Denver. George Karl quickly filled the Kings’ coaching hole, but Orlando and Denver stay committed to their interim […]

Despite a tumultuous end to their relationship, Stan Van Gundy helped transform Dwight Howard in Orlando. Photo by AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari

Who wants to be the next big NBA coach?

The Lakers officially announced a few weeks ago that Mike D’Antoni would resign as the team’s head coach. For whatever reason — personality clashes and personnel most likely — D’Antoni was just not a good fit in Los Angeles with the pressures that come with being the Lakers’ head coach. D’Antoni’s fast-breaking style caught the […]

Magic Johnson ecstatic Mike D’Antoni resigned

Magic Johnson was happy to say the least when news broke that Mike D’Antoni would resign from his position as head coach of the Lakers.

D’Antoni had two disastrous seasons marred by the stars squabbling and injuries of the Kobe Bryant-Dwight Howard tandem to the injuries that plagued his team this past season. Missing the Playoffs is not a thing that happens to the Lakers very often.

Johnson was among those who were pushing the team to re-hire Phil Jackson. Of course, the Lakers suddenly pulled back their offer, according to reports, and went with D’Antoni, a coach that new owner Jim Buss felt would recapture the Showtime era and provide a more exciting brand of basketball while winning.

None of that happened. The Lakers finished with the second worst record in the West this year.

For Some Reason, the Lakers Seem Intent On Keeping Pau Gasol

  The Lakers certainly have been a lightning rod team of sorts for most of their history, but more so in this past offseason than at any other time in recent memory. Obviously, being dragged into the Dwight Howard saga–and eventually trading for the center– along with trading for Steve Nash and firing head coach […]