Oklahoma City Thunder Still Interested in Acquiring Rudy Gay

The Oklahoma City Thunder were devastated when Kevin Durant made his decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors. It left Russell Westbrook as the last star left from the “big three” of Durant, Westbrook, and current Houston Rockets’ superstar James Harden. Despite the tough loss, the Thunder are a team to reckon with in […]

NBA trade DEAD-line passes predictably quiet

If the 2016 NBA trade deadline was a motion picture, it’d be “Waterworld.” This site predicted a few things … that if moving parts happened on a contender, they’d be minor and likely be with Cleveland. Check. There would be a few fringe playoff teams burning up the phones trying to get in so they […]

Four Trade Deadline questions that need answering

It’s X-Files season for the NBA. The trade deadline is here, come Thursday, and we’re all separated into being either the tin foil hat that wants to chase down every rumor, the realist that knows the truth is somewhere in between nothing and something, and the skeptic who wouldn’t believe the mail was delivered until […]

Chaotic Cleveland should stick with Kevin Love and halt the rumors

There are a lot of reasons for trade rumors. If you’re a player, it may be a way of sending a passive-aggressive message that you kind of want out of where you are without flatly coming out and saying it. If you’re a team, it’s a good way to test the waters without putting it […]

NBA Trade Rumors: Will The Atlanta Hawks Move Al Horford?

The Atlanta Hawks have a real dilemma regarding star center Al Horford. The Hawks are currently in fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings, but are only half a game out of the third and fourth spots. In other words, they’re in contention to win the East and make it to the NBA Finals. Some […]

NBA Trade Rumors: New York Knicks Have Best Chance Of Getting Derrick Rose

It’s one of the best times of the year in the NBA. We’re closing in on the NBA trade deadline, and there’s many big names being tossed around for potential blockbuster deals. This is the first piece of my multi-piece segment regarding NBA trade rumors. Today I will be focusing on Derrick Rose’s potential future […]

NBA Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard could be dealt by underachieving Rockets

As the trade deadline looms closer, the rumors surrounding big name players are heating up. It’s hard to come up with legitimate reasons for the Rockets potentially trading Dwight Howard… … other than the fact that the team has struggled playing together; sits near .500; and is virtually irrelevant in a Western Conference that’s been dominated […]