Can Anthony Davis win both the MVP and scoring title?

New Orleans Pelicans superstar forward Anthony Davis is looking to accomplish a feat that hasn’t been done since the 1999-00 season by Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. The feat that he is trying to carry out is winning both the MVP and scoring title as a big man. As I mentioned, O’Neal was the last […]

The Hawks know all too well: For the second straight year, Game 82 mattered a lot

For the second straight playoff season, the Atlanta Hawks are finding out how miserable an experience it is to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. David Blatt’s defense last year, Tyronn Lue’s offense this year – it doesn’t matter. An elite Kyle Korver last year, a mediocre version this year – it hasn’t made a dime’s worth […]

April Autopsy: New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans exist in an uncomfortable situation… and that discomfort isn’t even an immediate reference to all the injuries which have afflicted the organization this past season. No, the discomfort most centrally in evidence in the Big Easy is the gnawing sense that no one in the organization knows how to solve problems. […]

For the Bucks and a few other teams, basketball isn’t the same sport each day

Coaches, sports psychologists, executives — anyone invested in seeing athletes perform better — would tell you: Basketball is basketball. It’s the same game anywhere you play it. The court’s the same. The basketball is the same. Free throws are still 15-foot shots. Three-pointers are still 23 feet and 9 inches, except in the corners. Switching, […]

The difference between the Spurs and Thunder was made clear on Thursday

The San Antonio Spurs enter Friday, February 26 with an eight-game lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder for the second seed in the Western Conference playoffs. Want to know the essential difference between these teams, albeit one which might not matter much in a potential West semifinal series that should light up the NBA? It […]

The Raptors reveal an aspirational identity through inertia

It was one of the most strikingly counterintuitive moments of the 2016 NBA trade deadline: The Toronto Raptors revealed a large aspirational appetite not by making a big move, but by doing nothing. It goes against the instincts of fans, commentators, everyone who follows sports either for a living or for fun: When a trade […]

The most important games of the first half: Southwest Division

Which games offered noticeable indications of where each Southwest Division team stood at the All-Star break? Let’s find out in these days before the beginning of the season’s second half. * DALLAS MAVERICKS: Monday, January 18 vs. Boston — W, 118-113 (OT) The Mavericks probably won’t get out of the first round of the playoffs… […]

NBA Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard could be dealt by underachieving Rockets

As the trade deadline looms closer, the rumors surrounding big name players are heating up. It’s hard to come up with legitimate reasons for the Rockets potentially trading Dwight Howard… … other than the fact that the team has struggled playing together; sits near .500; and is virtually irrelevant in a Western Conference that’s been dominated […]

The Pelicans Are Running Out Of Time

On Wednesday, the New Orleans Pelicans, then 11-22, played the Dallas Mavericks, a team they had beaten twice this season and played three times overall. Dallas elected not to play four starters — Deron Williams, Wes Matthews, Zaza Pachulia, and the wizard Dirk Nowitzki — as their old legs were still reeling from a comeback […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Western Conference

The calendar has turned to 2016, and “resolution season” is in full swing. The theme is no different for multiple teams across the NBA, especially in the Western Conference, as teams look to finish the first half of the regular season in strong fashion. So, what resolutions should some of those teams make? We break […]

Notes from a Friday night: Wins and losses raise questions for several teams

Nearly six whole months of gamenights fill an NBA regular season. Plenty of nights are sifted through and forgotten, especially in the earlier stages of the season. It is very easy — and not terribly unreasonable — to write off individual gamenights before Christmas as random occurrences. Many will turn out to be just that: […]

Conference curveball: The West isn’t the best and the East isn’t the least

Death. Taxes. The NBA Western Conference being conclusively and comprehensively better than the Eastern Conference. We have lived with this reality in the NBA for some time, and at the All-Star break, we could very well see it in evidence yet again. However, it certainly doesn’t exist right now. After one month of very uneven […]