After one week, the Eastern Conference remains true to itself

We’ve played at least three games in all four Eastern Conference playoff series, making our way through this spread-out first week of the postseason. Should anything we’ve seen this week truly surprise us? If we are surprised, it says more about us and our expectations than these teams and their players. Truly, nothing from any […]

The Pistons learn about the playoffs, but one man shouldn’t have needed to

The Detroit Pistons — unlike the Utah Jazz — made the NBA playoffs and gained the chance to learn about postseason basketball at the hands of the No. 1 seed in their conference. Teams in need of a rebuild — whether old or poorly constructed, or somewhere in between those two flavors of inadequacy — […]

While the Pistons persevere, the Bulls get one more whack in the ribs

While the Detroit Pistons are at a point in their evolution where they’re just getting started, the Chicago Bulls have traveled many miles and years along the path of an NBA contender. The Pistons are young pups, just beginning to taste what it’s like to compete for a postseason berth. They haven’t even confronted an […]

Everything’s coming up Pistons… because the Pistons are coming up

Everyone who follows the NBA knows when the 2015-2016 Detroit Pistons first made a very large impression on the league. It was the second Sunday night of the season — Sunday, November 8, 2015. The Pistons trailed by 13 at the start of the fourth quarter in Portland against the Trail Blazers. Then they made […]

NBA moments: Drummond, Reggie, and a remarkable fourth quarter

The stats and the scenes from Portland told the story on Sunday night. The Detroit Pistons’ greatest win in the state of Oregon was their Game 5 triumph in the 1990 NBA Finals, which clinched a second straight world championship. Sunday night’s game, in the first weeks of a new season, won’t acquire earth-shattering significance… […]

Fire Up The Pistons: Detroit Starts Perfectly Behind New-look Offense

Preseason predictions are tricky. We basketball prognosticators pride ourselves in crunching the numbers, on reviewing months of months of games, and faithfully keeping up with a near-12 month sport with a financial landscape that’s transforming like the platforms in Super Smash Bros Melee. All the while, we’re praying we haven’t unconsciously subscribed to someone else’s confirmation bias […]

A look into the future with the Detroit Pistons

It seemed that the Stan Van Gundy era with the Detroit Pistons officially started during the opening night of the 2015-’16 NBA season. The Pistons knocked down 12-29 threes on their way to a 106-94 win over the Atlanta Hawks in Philips Arena. Detroit’s offense had the look of Van Gundy’s Orlando teams — it […]

The NBA’s most important players: Central Division

Our survey of the league’s most important non-superstar players continues with the Central division, the one division in the Eastern Conference which has a good chance of producing four playoff teams. * CHICAGO BULLS: NIKOLA MIROTIC The Bulls need a knockdown shooter, and since Mirotic is not gun-shy about launching threes, a big season and […]

Reggie Jackson with the ridiculous circus shot

File this under “answered prayers.” Detroit’s Reggie Jackson found himself trapped by Bulls’ Joakim Noah and the shot clock down to just mere seconds. So what does Reggie do? Oh just make a bucket underhanded as if it’s not a big thing! That’s a shot I would have saved for H-O-R-S-E, buddy.

Reggie Jackson got pretty lucky with trade to Pistons

On one of the NBA’s craziest trade deadline days to date, a three-team deal involving the Pistons, Jazz and Thunder that sent point guard Reggie Jackson from Oklahoma City to Detroit may have been one of the most intriguing. Jackson, who reportedly asked for a trade just a few days ago, was a big part […]

Report: Reggie Jackson Requests Trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder

According to a report from Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Reggie Jackson has informed the team he’d like to be traded. “CAA’s Aaron Mintz made the request in the past seven to 10 days, and several teams around the league became aware as officials probed for information on potentially dealing for Jackson, league […]

Thunder investing heavily in youth as window closes

Championship windows are notoriously fickle. Not every team gets to be the Spurs and sit through a decade-long window of championship contention with a never-ending, revolving door of great players that fit a role and stars who are completely selfless. Those just do not exist everywhere — and they all seem to be in San […]