Game 7: History hangs in the balance

Any Game 7 in a conference final carries its down dramatic and personal weight for the competitors involved, but Game 7 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals contains the added weight of history. So many historical twists and turns end Monday night in Oakland. The NBA will witness a rare occurrence in its 70th season […]

Basketball opinions exist on a foundation of quicksand

Professional basketball possesses the most intense spotlight in North American team sports — perhaps not in terms of the amount of media coverage devoted to the endeavor (the NFL wins that distinction), but in terms of the extent to which one or two players get a disproportionate share of credit or blame for their team’s […]

Tyronn Lue is doing well, but larger verdicts must wait

Americans are notoriously impatient, and no matter what anyone might want to say about Tyronn Lue, there’s only one responsible way to view his presence as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Simply stated, we simply can’t say anything particularly profound about Lue — at least not anything which can be taken seriously — […]

The biggest wait-and-see win in Toronto Raptor history

Yes, it’s a contradiction in terms, but life is complicated: Friday night, the Toronto Raptors won the biggest wait-and-see game in their comparatively brief existence. The Raptors are only 20 years old. The NBA itself is 49 years older than Canada’s one active NBA organization. One shouldn’t have expected the Raptors to win an NBA […]

Catch and match the Warriors? The Cavs want to try with Frye

No, the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t unload Kevin Love. They didn’t seek an overhaul before the 2016 NBA trade deadline. They didn’t need to. Any substantial moves would have sent the message that the current roster wasn’t really trusted. What might have made a layered Love deal even worse for the Cavs: It could have created […]

The All-Star Game coaching solution? Player-coaches

There are dozens of different ways in which to solve the upcoming NBA All-Star Game’s fascinating first-world problem: Which coaches should coach this game in Toronto? After Monday night’s resounding win by the Golden State Warriors over the San Antonio Spurs, it’s clear that the Dubs will be ahead of the Spurs on January 31, […]

The biggest question surrounding Tyronn Lue: Where has he been?

First things first: Tyronn Lue — no matter what else is going to be said in the next several paragraphs — already made a significant contribution to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nothing about the historical record will ever change that fact, either. Remember this incident? Lue pulled David Blatt to the bench in an attempt to […]

Cleveland — errrr, LeBron — fires David Blatt

Certain teams, at certain times in their history or evolution (or both), are expected to win world championships and nothing less. Viewed from this vantage point and phrased in this manner, it’s understandable to see why the Cleveland Cavaliers fired head coach David Blatt on Friday afternoon, despite a 30-11 record and a first-place standing […]

Watch: David Blatt tried to call timeout when he had none left

Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt almost pulled a Chris Webber in the closing second of the Cavs/Bulls game four. After the Bulls scored to tie up the game, Blatt came onto the floor and called for a timeout (see video below). Luckily for the Cavs, the refs didn’t see the timeout call and Tyronn Lue […]

Who should coach the Cleveland Cavaliers?

In a NBA landscape where Flip Saunders has more job titles than wins this season is LeBron James replacing David Blatt as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers really that crazy? It probably is, at least on the surface, but with reports now coming out that the Cavs have “completely abandoned Blatt’s offensive system” and […]