Adam Morrison Gets Tossed In Serbia

Yes, that’s Adam Morrison.  You might not recognize him because he’s actually on the court and not seated on the bench.  He’s also been in the weight room, apparently.  But the long locks and whispy facial hair are a dead giveaway. 

And it looks like Adam was trying to flex his new muscles.  Eye on Basketball has the details

Following a missed Crvena Zvezda jumper, the two players got caught up on each other going for the rebound, and as they came back down the court, both took exception to the other’s excessive contact. The two then faced off chest to chest, with Radosavlejevic shoving Morrison hard with both hands into his body. Morrison fell backwards slightly but caught himself, and eventually had to be restrained by both a teammate and a referee. Both he and Radosavlejevic were escorted from the court and, as Morrison departed, he was saluted by his teammates and cheered on by the home fans.

Not much of a scuffle there, but it’s Adam Morrison on a basketball court doing…. something.  We didn’t believe it either, so we figured we’d pass along the video proof. 

Now if we can find video of him actually playing basketball.