Andrei Kirilenko Really Gets Into His Nickname

AK-47 holding an AK-47.  

That’s commitment to the moniker.  Well played.  The giant pterodactyl is pleased.

Only in Russia (or similar surrounding nations) could this picture actually happen.  

Photog:  “Hey AK-47, welcome to CSKA Moscow.”
Andrei:   “Thanks, so, do we just take the ‘welcome to the team’ photo here?” 
Photog:  “Yes.  Oh… dammit… I just thought of this.  How great would it be to have AK-47 holding an AK-47?”
Exec:       “Oh, that’s no problem.  I have one in my office.”
Other Exec: “Me too”
Ball boy:  “Me too”
Andrei:   “Me too” 
Photo:   “Actually, mine’s in my car.  Ok, go grab one and let’s do this”

I can’t wait to see what photoshops come out of this.

Via SLC Dunk