Andrew Bogut Helps Find Missing Kid In Australia

Jesse DensleyNBA players, and pro athletes in general, sometimes get criticized for not doing enough with their fame and fortune off the court to help people.  And while that’s sometimes an accurate criticism, it’s not one that can be leveled at Andrew Bogut.

The Bucks star helped stir up publicity about a missing teenager in Australia on Twitter… tapping into his more than 46,000 followers to get the word out.  And the effort certainly helped, because Jesse Densley was found safe yesterday after being missing for about a week.  To top it off, Bogut matched the $25,000 reward.

Bogut’s a pretty active guy off the court… especially when it comes to his native Australia.  Two years ago when the country was hit with devastating brush fires, Bogut organized a charity event to raise money for the victims.  And when Queensland was hit with floods earlier this year, Bogut donated an amazing package of tickets and trips to be auctioned off for the relief effort.

So don’t ever accuse Bogut of standing on the sidelines when there’s an urgent need to help.  He’s always ready to help people back home.  It’s very admirable.  I tip my cap to Mr. Bogut.

Photo via Herald Sun