Armageddon Arrives: Players Reject Offer, Plan To Sue

Rather than put the NBA’s offer to full union vote, player reps amassed in New York city decided to not only reject the NBA’s latest offer, it will disband immediately and file suit against the NBA. 

The NBPA has now become a voluntary trade association, which is the same tactic the NFLPA applied when it decertified.  Within days, antitrust lawsuits will be filed against the NBA.  And while this does not mean a full season is lost, it certainly makes it the most likely scenario.  Basically, the only way the season is saved now is if owners relent on the sticking points of their now-rejected proposal in the face of a full lost season.!/WojYahooNBA/status/136157381267689473

Twitter / @WojYahooNBA: This is Stern’s worst nigh … via kwout

The owners got greedy.  They could have accepted profitability in this CBA as players agreed to a cut of the pie that would more than make up for the $300 million in losses claimed by the league going into these talks.  But owners wanted it all and then some.  Now they got none of it.  And judging from their behavior so far, they’re going to go the other way.

From now on, this becomes an episode of Law & Order… which is not what any of us wanted.