Bill Walton Regrets Not Punching Rasheed Wallace

Bill Walton and Arvydas Sabonis are tight.  Really tight.  So tight that Walton was Sabonis’ presenter at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

So back in the day when something went down between Sabonis and then Blazer Rasheed Wallace, Bill thought he should have done something.  He didn’t, though, and he still regrets it. 

“In the following season, Wallace threw the towel at Sabonis during a timeout of a game against the Lakers. Sabonis had accidentally smacked Wallace’s face earlier when he collided in the post with O’Neal. … Walton, who was broadcasting the game nationally, still feels remorse over the incident. ‘It was one of the lowest moments of my life,’ he said. ‘If I was any kind of a man, I would have got up from that broadcast table and walked across the court and punched Rasheed Wallace in the nose. But I let Sabonis and the game of basketball and the human race down that day.’”

I remember that day.  No, I didn’t see the game.  I just remember feeling a chill in the air and thinking “wow, I feel like not only I, but the entire human race has been let down for some reason.”  

Now I know why.  It’s because Bill Walton didn’t leave the broadcast booth to punch Sheed in his mug. 

I still feel robbed to this day.  And now that I know it’s Walton’s fault, I can start filing frivolous lawsuits over the pain and suffering he has caused me. 

Hey, that’s part of my healing process.