Video: Bosh And Carmelo On Law & Order SVU

Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony were on Law & Order: SVU last night.  Despite my high hopes, they didn’t play buddy cops from Long Island sent to Manhattan SVU to investigate a kidnapping or something.  They actually played themselves… with a little twist.  The show opens with Melo and Bosh giving an introductory speech for a high school coach at his local Hall of Fame induction.  Then someone busts in to yell at the coach, starting the show plot that ends up with the coach being accused of molesting his players. 

After that, I was hoping that they’d use Chris Bosh’s well documented ability to cry to get some gripping emotional victim-type acting out of him.  But the next time we see Bosh and Melo is at the end, standing in the background.  Bosh does get one bit of acting in… with a reassuring tap on the shoulder.  

Way to go Chris.  I’m sure SVU Miami is already in the works.

There was a bit part for Heavy D, which was cool, but that’s it.  If you’re an SVU fan, that’s the full episode.  If you just want to watch Bosh and Melo’s parts, they’re in first segment and around the 40-minute mark.