Bynum Apologizes, Gets Whacked For Five Games

Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum gave his exit interview yesterday and it included that apology for his blatant cheap shot on Dallas Mavericks’ JJ Barea

It’s nice he made the apology… but he had to do it.  This wasn’t one of those borderline calls where Lakers fans could look through forum blue and gold glasses and make some sort of justification of a hard playoff foul.  Everyone in Lakers-land was embarrassed.  Bynum risked alienating his entire fan base and franchise if he didn’t come out with an apology.  And in this forgiving world, I’m sure Lakers fans will take it and run with it and forgive him a lot more quickly than the rest of us.  

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’s learned his lesson, or if it he’ll lay someone out the next time he gets frustrated.  If he does, he’ll sit for a while, because punishment for his next strike will definitely be harsher than this one.

Lakers center Andrew Bynum was suspended without pay by the NBA for the first five games of next season he is eligible and physically able to play for his flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea. Bynum was additionally fined $25,000 for “removing his jersey and the manner in which he left the court.”

Bynum’s suspension was for “unnecessary and excessive contact,” according to the NBA, in describing his raised forearm to Barea as his ribs were unprotected as he shot. The lost money from Bynum’s $14.9 million salary next season and the fine add up to $702,273.

That’s a big chunk of cash.  And I’m sure some fans (perhaps a high concentration of them in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area?) think five games isn’t enough. 

Regardless, Bynum has been hit hard.  Maybe now his wallet knows how Barea feels.