Camby Cleared Of Charges As Cousin Takes The Rap

Marcus Camby was busted a couple of weeks ago for pot possession.  But police dropped the charges after his cousin took the blame.

Camby and Kendal Johnson were arrested last month after police discovered a small amount of marijuana in Camby’s car during a traffic stop in Pearland, Texas. But after weighing evidence — and accepting a guilty plea from Johnson — Camby has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

“For the record, Marcus Camby did not get charged with a crime and Marcus Camby did not possess any marijuana,” Randall Novak, Camby’s Houston-based attorney, said.

So it wasn’t Camby’s pot.  

But Camby WAS driving. 

And he was doing this:

Police officials say officers pulled over Camby’s black Porsche around midnight on when he was spotted driving north on Cullen Boulevard with a sun screen device blocking the front window.

So I’m not going to say Camby was doing anything.  I am only going to say I’ve never heard of a non-high person driving around like that.  But hey, that’s me.