Chain Links: Day 35


The lockout marches on, and you want to keep up with the details.  So every day we’re compiling the lockout related news here so you can stay informed.

One man’s plan to put idle NBA players to work
“I try to explain to these players, ‘Why do you think … that ESPN, Fox, TNT — for the most part — haven’t been knocking down your door to talk to you, haven’t been looking to do interviews with you? Because they’re partners with the NBA. They’re management. You’re labor. They’re not going to come talk to you. You’re on your own,’ ” said Smith, who was on the production team for CBS’ NBA telecasts in the 1980s and ’90s, was a field producer for NBA Entertainment in the ’90s and frequently freelances with ESPN now.

“And I’m telling them, ‘You have a chance to take control of your life a little bit here.’ We’re not going to replace the NBA. … But I’m showing them how if you get on board this thing now, and get your fans on board, you could very easily create a second revenue stream for yourself in the summer, if not beyond.

Nate Robinson invited to Seahawks camp?
If he makes the team, he can keep his flapping celebration after he does something good.

Jerry Sloan only has two tractors now
He used to have 70.  You can see how he whittled down the collection on the next episode of “Hoarders.” 

Today’s players heading overseas:
George Hill

And now our photo of the day:  Serge Ibaka hits the weight room

Serge Ibaka via Yfrog

Don’t hurt yourself with that 135 pounds, Serge.

Our video of the day:  An in-game, windmill alley oop: