Chain Links: Day 40

lockoutThe lockout marches on, and you want to keep up with the details.  So every day we’re compiling the lockout related news here so you can stay informed.

NBA Lockout has league, players and fans looking to D.C.
Oh great.  Let’s make billionaires fighting over money worse by adding self-aggrandizing blowhards to the mix. 

Andre Iguodala isn’t very optimistic about the lockout
“You know there’s not going to be a season,” Iguodala said. “I thought with the season we had and the TV ratings that we had and this being one of the largest grossing revenue seasons in the history of the game, you would think that we would be able to reach an agreement. But we are so far apart.”

Turkish team pursuing Hedo Turkoglu
Anadolu Efes is creating an NBA super-team.  And by that I mean they are signing a bunch of marginal players with recognizable names. 

Ron Artest tweets out his British team jersey
I got nothin’.

Matt Barnes won’t let a lockout stop him from getting suspended from hoops
That summer league docked him a game.   

And now our photo of the day:  It’s not easy loving Shaq:

And our video of the day:  Kevin Durant with the sweet reverse dunk (but watch how close he comes to landing on someone’s foot)

Via Hoops Mix Tape

Video of the day #2:  Derrick Caracter gets posterized (and that’s one hell of a celebration)