Chain Links: Day 47

lockoutThe lockout marches on, and you want to keep up with the details.  So we’re compiling whatever lockout related news there is here so you can stay informed.

Owners. Players may not meet until September
This is what you call “no sense of urgency.”  Since the lockout was imposed, both sides met once for almost no time at all, and both sides left accusing the other of being unfair.  Honestly, this makes it difficult to keep caring about the sport.  If they’re not even going to start trying until games are lost, then why on earth should fans keep caring?   

The correct answer, by the way, is “to read the amazing stuff put out by killer blogs like Crossover Chronicles on a daily basis.  I mean, how do you guys keep churning such quality stuff out during a lockout?”

Awww… shucks.  Thanks for noticing, guy in the mirror.  And may I say, you’re quite handsome.

Huh?  Oh yeah.  The links.  Sorry.

Matt Bonner says the owners want players to cover last year’s losses
Hey players?  Owners here.  Yeah, we know we agreed to 43% of the gross revenue in the last CBA, but we spent too much money anyway.  So we’re going to need you to give us that money back.

Nets executives can atten Kris Humprhies wedding to Kim Kardashian
Oh thank GOD.  I’d hate for them to miss the wedding.  I mean, this is such a special, sacred event… one that Kim will probably only repeat like five or six times.  Kudos to the NBA for getting it right. 

(Did your sarcasm meter break?  Sorry.  Send a self addressed stamped envelope to the Crossover Chronicles offices care of yours truly and we’ll mail you a refund check)

Kobe, Tony Parker have offers from Chinese teams

Delonte West needs work
That’s one enticing offer, Delonte.  I’d take it if I were you. 

Today’s players bolting overseas:
Nikola Pekovic
Ty Lawson

After the jump, our photo of the day:  Fabricio Oberto gives Manu Ginobili a hair cut

Our video of the day:  Kevin Durant dominates the Melo league

And our random link of the day:  who WOULDN’T pay $200 for an authentic, autographed, Austin Croshere Providence College warmup top?

Seriously, though… someone might want to pony up for that.  I think that $200 is going to be his grocery money.