Chain Links: Day 48

lockoutThe lockout marches on, and you want to keep up with the details.  So we’re compiling whatever lockout related news there is here so you can stay informed.

Kobe to players: Stand behind the union 
There may also be a meeting next week.  Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath. 

Kevin Love: “We’re going to miss games”
Of the owners’ hard cap proposal, Love said: “It would be a crazy system and at the end of the day we’re the product and the moneymaker and I don’t see (the owners) going out there and playing,” Love said. “We’ve got to stick together as one.”

Yeah, this ain’t ending any time soon.

China votes against opt-outs, limits NBA’ers
No opt-outs and 1 NBA player per team.  That ends the whole “Kobe to China” thing, I guess.

John Walll won’t go overseas
Wait… he won’t?  That’s a new one.

And now our photo of the day: Brandon Jennings takes a shot at Kobe

After the jump, our video of the day:  The lingirie basketball league hopes to get us through the lockout

Video of the day #2: Rony Turiaf really likes Nicolas Batum’s dunk