Chris Bosh Bulks Up

For years, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has been called “soft” and “weak” and any other adjective you could use to describe a big man that won’t get in the paint and throw some weight around. Now, he’s trying to change that.

The Miami Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Bosh has put on some muscle and he’s ready to play center, if that’s what the Heat want.

“You know, as much as every time I try to run from it, it just comes and pulls me back in,” Bosh said. “So I accept it. If I’m a five, put me down there, have me guarding the biggest guy, I accept the challenge. It is what it is. Every year that I’ve said ‘Oh, no, I’m not doing it,’ I’m in there anyway. So, I accept it.”

There’s no word yet on whether or not the Heat are taking this seriously.

Even if Bosh thinks he’s beefed up from a velociraptor to a T-Rex, it’s more than just muscles that you need to get in there and bang with the big guys. He doesn’t have the mindset to be a truly power player. He’s a guy that would rather step out and take a long jump shot than drive it hard to the hole.

The Heat would be wise to ignore Bosh’s comments and go out and get a real center. The thought of Bosh trying to body up with guys like Dwight Howard is laughable. I know it seems like a harder task these days to try and find a real center, but there’s still a few out there that would love to come play for the Heat. Keep the dinosaur man as a soft power forward and save the tough stuff for the big guys.