Chris Paul Lacks Game Show Skills

We all know Chris Paul is one of the smartest point guards in the NBA, but sadly those skills don’t translate to the game show circuit. Much like his role on the New Orleans Hornets, CP3 led his team into battle in a 5-on-5 grudge match, but this time it was against 5 women from Massachusetts playing The Family Feud. Unfortunately for the Paul’s, they got trounced by the O’Hara family and the survey said it wasn’t even close.

If you watch the video, Paul puts up some pretty poor answers for his team. Apparently you don’t want anyone to see your wallet and you don’t want a woman to know you’re wearing a “musk.” As a veteran watcher of “The Feud,” it was clear to me that CP3 didn’t prepare for this. I’m not sure what excuse he has though, it’s not like he had a game to get to.

The whole thing is a really nice story though. Chris Paul’s family got on the show the same way any other family would and they were playing for charity. But maybe next time they should give the home version a try before taking it to the big stage.