Coach: “Dirk is out of shape”

I celebrate for days after winning a dart game, so I can’t imagine the level of celebration that goes along with winning an NBA title.  I would think vast amounts of booze, food and women would be involved, especially if you’re star like Dirk Nowitzki.

If you missed it last night, CC’s Surya Fernandez dropped this nugget on Dirk in his post about whether a bunch of NBA’ers will find new teams overseas.

“This week we are going back to work, Dirk has not touched the ball since the European Championship at the end of September,” declared Nowitzki’s personal coach Holger Geschwindner, who also said the player was “ruling nothing out, even if he has no concrete ideas” about a switch to Europe.

“At the moment, Dirk is out of shape. We are going to work hard over the next two weeks,” added Geschwindner. “If he goes anywhere, he will be going there for the whole season.”

I’ll say this:  Dirk is not going to miss any NBA time at all.  If he goes anywhere for a full season, it’s because there’s no NBA season.  If he goes somewhere and there’s a settlement, then you can bet your ass he’s coming back to the Dallas Mavericks.  

And if Dirk is out of shape now, can you imagine how bad he would have been had he not played in the European Championship?  He would have been swimming in Hefeweizen for five months.  Plus, I’m sure Dirk took part in plenty of Oktoberfest celebrations.  And no, I’m not just mentioning the only German beer-related things I know.  

Ok, Maybe I am. 

Still, it’s time for Dirk to ramp up the cardio.  Maybe do a few trunk rotations with the medicine ball.  Actually, Dirk, I know this guy that can help you there, daffodil.  He’s hard core.  So I hope you’re ready to be put to the test.