Colbert Report: NBA Owners Are On Your Side

“The NBA players will stop at nothing to get all the cheese,” according to Stephen Colbert.

Whether or not he is completely right about that or not, he is definitely accurate in depicting the NBA owners as “our nation’s leading employers of tiny blimp pilots.” They have to be.

It’s also good to hear that the owners are on our side in this labor negotiation too; this according to the following add posted by Colbert.

The Colbert Report
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After an interview with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, where Cuban told Stephen Colbert that NBA owners were “kind” and “caring” people, Colbert made this video.  Which is hilarious.  Hopefully the sad days in American history are coming to an end soon, I definetely don’t want to watch hockey for sure.

Hat Tip: ImAGm

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