Memphis Grizzlies Darrell Arthur breaks leg, out for six more weeks

Darrell Arthur, the 6-foot-9 forward entering his fourth season with the Memphis Grizzlies, broke the top of his fibula preparing for training camp this week. The injury to his left leg could keep Arthur sidelined for up to six weeks. This after missing all of the 2011-12 lockout shortened season after tearing his right ACL […]

The Chicago peace effort, and how the NBA really shows they care

The NBA Cares series seems sometimes like nothing more than a commercial. Insert players A, B and C in a local playground, hospital or classroom for a photo-op. They will push a kid on a swing, stop by to visit a sick patient, or read a book to a collection of third graders. Thirty seconds […]

Lakers Day: Mike Brown should appoint Steve Nash Offensive Coordinator

Mike Brown is the NBA's version of a defensive mastermind. He coached his way to an NBA Finals once by placing starters like Drew Gooden, Sasha Pavolic, Larry Hughes and Zydrunas Ilgauskas in spots on the floor where they could do nothing else but become adequate defenders. On offense that year, he let LeBron James […]

Kendrick Perkins isn’t worried about the Lakers

Kendrick Perkins sounds more agitated and angry than usual these days. While his mean mug is always curled up in time for the regular season, it appears he is already wearing it around right now. We have not even hit training camp yet.  When asked about his thoughts on the Dwight Howard addition for the […]

Jeremy Lin asked Chandler Parsons to sleep on his couch

Jeremy Lin was sleeping on a couch as he captured the NBA world's attention last season with the New York Knicks. Despite inking a $25 million contract to bring Linsanity to Houston next season, he has not forgot what made him succesful. Some high profile athletes sleep in hyperbaric chambers. Jeremy Lin sleeps best on […]

LeBron James isn’t as good as he will be yet, says Dwyane Wade

How about the idea that LeBron James can get better? After winning Gold in the Olympics, an NBA Title, Finals MVP and his third Regular Season MVP, that's what teammate Dwyane Wade believes to be possible. In an interview promoting his new book, D-Wade offered the following to ESPN Chicago: "The sky's the limit," Wade […]

Only one person came to JaVale McGee’s burrito party

JaVale McGee threw a Chipotle party this week. He invited all of his fans from Twitter, and was prepared to buy burritos for everybody. Then one person total showed up and awkwardness ensued. That one person also later admitted that McGee is only one of his favorite Nuggets. Not the favorite, after he just bought […]

Chris Bosh is bulking up to play center

Chris Bosh played better after returning from his injury that kept him out of the early rounds during last year's championship run. The Dr. Phil in me always thought that was because Bosh was made aware of the fact that people did care about him in Miami. Or something like that. The often dismissed and […]

Jim Dolan loves Isiah Thomas, and obviously wants him back in New York

One hundred years from now, hopefully a team of psychologists conduct an exhaustive study examining what makes Jim Dolan so infatuated with Isiah Thomas. I will never understand the dynamics of their relationship, and can point toward nothing I could even use as a reason for why Dolan so desperately wants Thomas involved with his […]

Knicks copy Cavaliers with hidden message inside new jerseys

The jerseys that will be worn by the New York Knicks during the 2012-13 NBA season couldn't be anymore smooth. Gone is the black stripe inked along the side of the uniforms, and it's all been replaced by the classic blue, orange and white uniforms worn by the Knicks during the early 1970s.   In an […]

Javaris Crittendon out on bail, at club with “a ton of hot chicks”

Javaris Crittendon is due in court later this month on charges he shot and killed Julian Jones last September in Georgia. Until that trial begins, while maintaining his innocence, Crittendon has been frequenting the LA nightclub scene. TMZ snapped this picture earlier this week, while reporting the following: From the way ex-NBA star Javaris Crittenton […]

Andray Blatche dropping pounds, hoping for shot with Nets

Andray Blatche does not have an NBA team. He needs somebody to want him in a bad way, and is hoping to convince the Brooklyn Nets they need his services. He played in only 26 games last season for the Washington Wizards, averaging 8.5 points and 5.8 rebounds per contest. The Wizards have since used […]

Kris Humphries doesn’t have Herpes he said

I am as uncomfortable writing this as you are reading it. It would be more uncomfortable for everyone to hear that Kris Humphries does have Herpes though, and I guess he doesn't.    A woman he courted prior to falling in love with and subsequently marrying Kim Kardashian alleged recently that the Hump gave her […]

Carlos Boozer isn’t an amnesty target, right now anyway

Carlos Boozer has three years and $47.1 million left on his contract. He has not been that awesome in Chicago, and a good portion of Bulls fans would have liked to see him bounced two seasons ago.  He is still in the Windy City though, and apparently will be for the short-term. While the Bulls […]