DeJuan Blair Has Feelings, A Passable Singing Voice, And An Annoying Dance

NSFW Lyrics in video

DeJuan Blair is a beast.  We know that.  But deep down inside, there’s an inner Luther Vandross trying to get out (how’s that for a current reference?).  That’s DeJuan busting out Drake’s trust issues (this is how it’s supposed to sound).  

But as Bloguin’s Project Spurs details quite nicely, this isn’t his first foray into song.  He sang (in a heavily auto-tuned fashion) on a rap song dedicated to a friend.  He has also busted out this other R&B song and he tried to create a new dance

First of all, that dance is so bad it has a chance to be good.  I will, however, be haunted by the person chanting “heebie… geebie” over and over again.  Secondly, DeJuan’s voice would kill at karaoke night.  But if he’s going to sing Drake’s music, he should autotune the hell out of himself just like Drake does.  In fact, he should autotune the hell out of himself all the time.  Even on the court.  I’d love to hear a melodic-yet-mechanical “That was a foul” during a broadcast. 

DeJuan’s got some decent pipes, for a basketball player.  But I don’t think any of the young singers whose names I can’t recall because I’m too old to even really know them have any worries.