Delonte West Is Staying Afloat During The Lockout At A Furniture Store


With these economic times, you have to take employment when and where you can get it.  Conventional wisdom would seem to say this reality wouldn’t have an effect on multi-million dollar NBA players.  As we all know though, some basketball players don’t exactly have the best track record taking care of their fortunes.  That fact helps us to shimmy our way to the life of Celtics guard Delonte West.  West has tweeted on multiple occasions during the lockout about his need to find work.  Unfortunately for him, overseas basketball is out of the question because of his legal history (more on that in a second).  Thankfully for Delonte, it looks like his quest for employment ended with the fine folks at Regency Furniture.  

Hurry now to take advantage of their Fall Fashion Sale!  If that wasn’t interesting enough, Delonte also tweeted out a picture of his application for Regency Furniture… which is great news for us, not so much for Delonte.  There is so much to dissect here.  1) His ability to work at any hour of the day and on weekends.  Delonte doesn’t exactly strike me as the type to channel Drew Brees and fund team offseason workouts.  2) His spelling of yesterday with a “u.”  And 3) when asked to “describe in full” the reasoning behind any conviction, Delonte wrote “misunderstanding.”  I’m pretty sure pleading guilty to weapons charges is slightly more than a misunderstanding…


At least he didn’t publish the application with his social security number for the world to see.  My hope is the humanitarian within David Stern will see this story of one of his players finding work at a furniture store, relent, and be compelled to end the lockout.  On second thought