Macklemore does not want his music pumping up the Thunder

One of the biggest stars in music today is aggravated with a certain NBA playoff team choosing to play his music to pump up their home fans.  Seattle based rapper Macklemore was informed by a Twitter follower that the Oklahoma City Thunder was playing his latest hit, "Can't Hold Us", to excite the home fans in the […]

Self-made “diplomat” Dennis Rodman rips President Obama on North Korea

Basketball hall of famer, crazy person, and prospective foreign diplomat Dennis Rodman is continuing to wedge himself into American relations with North Korea.  Rodman infamously went on a publicity stunt to North Korea earlier this year and palled around with dictator Kim Jong Un, appearing in public with a man who operates one of the […]

Jason Collins comes out as first gay athlete in major American pro sports

  For months, the sports world has discussed the potential of the first gay male professional athlete.  Advocacy and support for an active gay athlete in American professional sports has grown immensely in the last several years and in 2013 the questions were becoming a matter of when and who and not if.   The […]

Rebuilding through the NBA Draft: a look at the last 20 years of Top 5 picks

With the NBA Draft tomorrow night, you’ll hear plenty of talk about teams building or rebuilding through the draft.  New Orleans has a great chance beginning with #1 pick Anthony Davis.  Charlotte will look to finally get it right.  Cleveland will look to add to their young nucleus of Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson.  But […]

Get your Dwight Howard Loyalty t-shirts for the low, low price of $21.99!

Yes, the NBA store is actually selling the shirt above – a picture of Dwight Howard with the word “loyalty” in big blue all caps letters. Because if there is one word that describes the relationship between Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, it is loyalty! Howard himself used the word to describe why he made […]

Real Tweets from Real People – NBA officiating

Over at Awful Announcing, one of my favorite things to do is to look at what sports topics may be trending on Twitter and the conversation that takes place during games. Usually, these are the best and funniest tweets firing barbs at the likes of Joe Buck and Chris Berman.   Last night, the Twitter […]

Just how bad are the Charlotte Bobcats?

The Charlotte Bobcats are bad.  That’s not news to anybody.  But just how bad are the spawn of Michael Jordan?  The Bobcats are so bad, Air Jordan would be less of a detriment taking the floor at the age of 49 and having the hangtime of Phil Mickelson than he is running the front office. […]

Shaquille O’Neal Announcing NBA Jam Dunks Will Ease The Lockout Blues

As an NBA fan, the lockout is getting fairly depressing.  The regular season is on its way to being cancelled.  There are very few rays of hope involving professional basketball.  The landscape is bleak.  David Stern is sadly still David Stern.   Enter two of the best elements of the history of professional basketball – […]

Delonte West Is Staying Afloat During The Lockout At A Furniture Store

With these economic times, you have to take employment when and where you can get it.  Conventional wisdom would seem to say this reality wouldn’t have an effect on multi-million dollar NBA players.  As we all know though, some basketball players don’t exactly have the best track record taking care of their fortunes.  That fact […]

A YouTube Tribute To Metta World Peace

With the name-change being official, it’s unofficially Metta World Peace day today at Crossover Chronicles!  What that means, I actually have no idea, except for the strange sensation I’m getting to sit crosslegged on my patio and start singing kumbaya.  We have one person to thank for this impromptu celebration of harmony though, and that […]

Ten Ways To Cure The Lockout Blues

The NBA Lockout is about to go off a cliff Wile E. Coyote style towards the plunge of losing regular season games and possibly an entire season.  Now, with the NFL and college football seasons underway, the Association has well and truly disappeared from the national landscape.  For NBA fans, the lack of optimism emanating […]

VIDEO: Renaldo Balkman Headbutts Greivis Vasquez

The FIBA tournaments happening around the world are a nice reprieve from the depressing lack of news on the lockout front.  One of those tournaments is the FIBA Americas competition that will decide a qualifier for the 2012 Olympics in London.  Even though the already qualified USA team didn’t participate, there are still some NBA […]

Who Is Running Besiktas?

The Turkish club Besiktas first entered the realm of discussion in North America last year when they inked Allen Iverson to a two-year contract. Prior to that, they were relatively unknown in terms of the major European basketball clubs, as the likes of Barcelona and Panathinaikos are the most recognized clubs when discussing Euro-ball on […]

BREAKING NEWS: LeBron James Is Unpopular

A stunning discovery was made by something or someone called Ipsos in a survey of America’s most popular and unpopular celebrities… 52% of people surveyed had an unfavorable opinion of Charlie Sheen! I know, I’m flabbergasted too!  What is wrong with these trolls?  Do they not know the power of the warlock??   A more […]