Shaquille O’Neal Announcing NBA Jam Dunks Will Ease The Lockout Blues

As an NBA fan, the lockout is getting fairly depressing.  The regular season is on its way to being cancelled.  There are very few rays of hope involving professional basketball.  The landscape is bleak.  David Stern is sadly still David Stern.  

Enter two of the best elements of the history of professional basketball – Shaq and NBA Jam.

The Big Pontificator and new TNT analyst filmed a montage for EA Sports announcing various outrageous and hiliarious NBA Jam dunk calls as a promotional video for its On Fire edition.  NBA Jam is one of the two or three greatest arcade games of all-time and the infusion of Shaq saying things like, “You’ve just won a trip to Shaqapulcoooooo!!!!” increases the awesomeness factor exponentially.  I only wish Tom Gugliotta was still around as a playable character.  (Is that weird?)  There may be no real NBA basketball to speak of, but at least a few BOOMSHAQALACKAS to help pass the time a little easier… 

Shaq is signed up for Inside the NBA to be a studio analyst, but after watching this video I’m convinced he should be a game analyst and use some of these announcing lines for NBA games.  How awesome would these Shaqisms be alongside Kevin Harlan in the TNT booth?  And, as a bonus, no more Reggie Miller!  

The NBA is going to need to find a way to bring back fans from the lockout when it ends in 2017, so why not have Shaq announce games and give players jetpacks to allow them to dunk from the three point line?  It would be a start…

H/T Awful Announcing