Top 15 One On One NBA Players: 5-1

Today we finally reach the Top 5 of our countdown of the Top 15 one on one players in the NBA. The last two days we’ve brought numbers 15-11 and 10-6 and today brings the starting five of our countdown.  The names in the Top 5 are likely quite familiar, but who is number one […]

Top 15 One On One NBA Players: 10-6

Today moves to the second five in our list of the Top 15 One on One players in the NBA as we count down numbers 10 through 6.  In case you missed 15-11 yesterday, you can check it out here.  The Top 5 comes tomorrow.  Which players do you think would be the hypothetical masters […]

Top 15 One On One NBA Players: 15-11

With the NBA lockout rolling through the summer months with no end in sight, we have seen various NBA players appear around the country in numerous summer leagues and playground settings.  Without the lockout, we wouldn’t see the large amounts of Internet highlights and YouTube sensations that have arisen this summer.  Instead of looking forward […]

What To Expect From The 2012 Draft Class

The 2011 draft was seen by many as one of the weakest drafts in recent history, without a guaranteed All-Star among the class, but it looks as if the class of 2012 has the potential to be one for the ages if several factors fall into place. The strength of the class will give basketball […]

Former Kentucky Point Guards Hatch Their Own Lockout Plan

Most of the talk around what players are supposed to do during the trench warfare ahead of us in the NBA lockout revolves around NBA players going overseas to play professional basketball in Europe or China.  Well, John Calipari and his NBA graduates from Kentucky may have found another quite unique way of dealing with […]

Shaq Disses Chris Bosh With “Big 2” Comment, But Is He Right?

Lost in the forced celebration and hullabaloo of the NBA’s FU schedule release was Shaquille O’Neal’s debut as an NBA analyst for Turner Sports.  The Big Confucius appeared on NBA TV’s coverage of the 2011-2012 NBA schedule release… that will only be fulfilled if we end that pesky lockout that nobody seems to want to […]

2010 Free Agent Recap: The Superstar Signings

We’ve now determined the Best and Worst free agent signings from “2010: The Summer of the Free Agent”.  Now we turn our attention to what all the hubbub a year ago was all about – the superstars.  Which players lived up to their superstar billing last year and which ones failed to deliver?  Only players […]

2010 Free Agent Recap: The Worst Signings

While there is plenty of blame for both sides involved in the current NBA labor dispute, one thing is for certain – if the NBA really is losing money as they claim, they can point the finger at the boatloads of NBA owners/GMs who regularly hand out ridiculous free agent contracts to undeserving players.  In […]

Roundtable: Will European Basketball Affect The Lockout

Perhaps the biggest news of the lockout thus far was Deron Williams’ surprising decision to sign a contract with Besiktas of the Turkish basketball league, the same team that signed former NBA great Allen Iverson.  Suddenly, Europe is looking like a destination that may be home to even more NBA players.  The contract is a […]

2010 Free Agent Recap: The Best Signings

  Just how much difference a year can make is very apparent to NBA fans right now.  A year ago we were in the midst of a NBA feeding frenzy – the greatest free agent class in the history of the world.  We couldn’t get away from NBA news if we tried, what with the constant signings, […]

Does Greg Oden Have A Future In Portland?

The Portland Trail Blazers did the expected move with their oft-injured big man Greg Oden yesterday, tendering the free-agent-to-be with a qualifying offer of $8.8 million that makes him a restricted free agent.  Of course, this means that the Blazers will have the right to match any long-term deal or offer sheet that a team […]

2011 NBA Draft Awards

It’s time to take a look back at the 2011 NBA Draft that was sadly lacking in a lot of excitement, movement, and unpredictability at the top of the draft.  Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams went 1-2 as expected, Enes Kanter went #3 to Utah, and the rest of the pieces fell into place on […]

On The Clock: Pick # 11 – Golden State Warriors

With the 11th pick in our 2011 Mock Draft, I get the honor of stepping into the mind of one of the great thinkers in basketball history, the logo himself, Jerry West, who has joined the front office of the Golden State Warriors.  I also have the dangerous mission of stepping inside the mind of […]

On The Clock: Pick # 7 – Sacramento Kings

Yes, thankfully this pick does still belong to the Sacramento Kings… at least for one more season.  The Maloofs and GM Geoff Petrie may actually have the most difficult decision in the Draft and the pick with the most uncertainty and intrigue.  The Kings were a disappointingly putrid 24-58 last season and suffered through a […]

Hidden Gems Of The 2011 NBA Draft: Top 10 Players Outside The Lottery

This year’s NBA Draft hasn’t gotten a lot of love from experts and analysts.  Wherever you look, this class is being referred to as weak from top to bottom and lacking in players that can truly make a difference in the Association.  That may be true, but there are still many players in every draft […]