DeMarcus Cousins May Be Locked Out But His Temper Isn’t


Google “DeMarcus Cousins” and you’ll find the word “combustible” sprinkled throughout the search results.  He is not shy about letting it fly out there on the court.  

The Sacramento Kings forward was fifth in the NBA in technical fouls last season with 14, just four behind Dwight Howard’s league-leading 18 (though at least one of them was very bogus, leading to his first NBA ejection).

Cousins is also doing what a lot of NBA players do: taking part in one of the thousands of summer leagues around the country.  Cousins hooked up with a team in Washington DC’s Goodman League, and showed that while he’s being locked out of the NBA right now, his temper is in mid-season form. 

Baby Shaq, a former member of the famous “And-1” basketball team, led the Sweat Mob with 34 points in the losing effort. He was followed by NBA player DeMarcus Cousins with 29 points. Cousins, the 5th overall pick in the 2010 draft, had a tough game, picking up a technical foul in the first half after tossing the ball outside the gym door in frustration after being called for traveling.

Hey, I applaud DeMarcus for keeping his skills sharp.  If you’re going to be a technical foul machine, you don’t want to go soft during a lockout.  

Way to keep it real Cousins.

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