Derrick Rose Will Kinda, Sorta, But Not Really Go Overseas For The Lockout

Derrick Rose (AP Photo via Rose doesn’t talk much.  But he talked the other day, and he was asked a lot of the same stuff a lot of other NBA players have been asked lately.  Maybe that’s because aside from the lockout and video games, there’s not much to ask about.  And while I’d be amused to hear Zach Randolph thoughts on the Michele Bachmann/Rick Perry Gardasil controversy, I’m sure that’s not happening any time soon. 

So Derrick Rose was asked if he’d go overseas if this lockout continues, and he said…

“If it does (cancel the season), yes, I am taking into consideration that I might be going overseas but I don’t know where,” Rose said on Tuesday following a court renovation and clinic at Murray Park Playground in Englewood, where he grew up playing basketball. “There’s a lot of great places overseas but I haven’t really gotten time to get details on every place.”

So he’s taking into consideration that he might be going, but he doesn’t know where.  Sounds like a guy ready to jet at a moment’s notice, huh?  

I appreciate Derrick Rose trying to say the right things to try to keep some pressure on owners who may be afraid of star players getting hurt overseas, but Rose couldn’t have couched that statement any more.  He’s going nowhere, and that’s obvious. 

He did spit some truth, though. 

“Right now, it’s looking pretty tough, but to me I think the lockout is unnecessary,” he said. “There’s no reason why billionaires and millionaires should be arguing about money. There’s other things in this world that we should be arguing about, but money shouldn’t be the problem.”

Preach on, brother.  There’s no reason people can’t work this out.  Overbearing greed is a problem in these negotiations.  If level heads were to look at this objectively, we could get this thing done.