Do The Warriors & Timberwolves Know Something We Don’t?!/RicBucher/status/118710487931305984

Twitter / @RicBucher: GSW intro new CEO Rick Wel … via kwout

We said it a few weeks ago.  The Timberwolves aren’t going to be paying some guy a ton of money to be sitting around and not be able to talk to any players.  It makes no financial sense.  So when they announced a coach, it would a potential signal of the end of the lockout.

Well, the Timberwolves have a new coach who is being introduced tomorrow.  And beyond that, the Warriors have hired former Suns CEO Rick Welts.  What was the urgency to get that deal done?  

What do these guys know that we don’t?  Like Ric Bucher said it almost feels as if someone is gearing up for a season.