Kevin Durant Has More Tattoos Than You Thought He Did

There’s a whole thing here about perception, culture, tattoos, stereotypes, and what some people think about those who have tattoos that I don’t really want to get into.  All I’ll say is that there are some people who think everybody who’s tatted up is in the Hells Angels or something, as an example.  

But just because A&E has effectively documented the fact that all motorcycle gang members are inked up as a requirement, that doesn’t mean all people who are inked up are in motorcycle gangs.

Case in point, Kevin Durant.  The Durantula is not a motorcycle gang member, definitely.  He’s also not as tattoo-less as you previously may have thought he was.

Photo via The Hoop Doctors

I don’t have any tattoos myself, but that’s not a moral decision by any means.  I always thought that if I did get tatted I’d pick something stupid and look like that guy at Cedar Point walking around with a Tasmanian Devil throwing a football tattooed on my leg.   

Anyways, back to the picture above and why it’s interesting.  Chances are you didn’t think Durant had any tats because he’s an awesomely nice dude from everything we can tell, but I guess he does.  However, maybe instead of people finding out that he’s tatted up and thinking that he’s not nice anymore, instead it will be a game-changer for tattoos themselves.  

Maybe now when people see Kenyon Martin’s lips crown tattoo on his neck, or Birdman’s neon tatts, instead of thinking, oh those guys are bad dudes – possibly even motorcycle gang members – they’ll think now: 

“You know what, tattoos aren’t that bad and neither are those guys. Kevin Durant has a few tatts in fact, and he’s a super nice person.” 

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