Dwayne Wade Could Be Next Big Star To Jump Overseas

Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade could be the next NBA basketball player trying to get himself to where JR Smith is. This Lockout really has produced some sentences you never thought you’d read, hasn’t it? 

Anyways, I don’t mean to infer that Wade is thinking about playing professional basketball in China like the forward-thinking Smith, although he might be.  I don’t really know.

What I do know is that Wade’s recent quotes seem to indicate that he is looking to earn a basketball playing paycheck outside of these United States in the near future.  That is unless Billy Hunter calls David Stern and begs to get back together in the next couple weeks of course.

This from D-Wade in a conversation with The South Florida Sun Sentinel:

“I can’t imagine going a year without basketball and I don’t think that will happen,” he said. “Some way, some how, I’m going to be part of a team.

“I can’t see myself sitting out a full year, not playing basketball, at some kind of high level. Obviously, the level I want to be playing on is the NBA level and that’s what we’re going continue to try to do, but if that is not the case, I will try to find a way where I can play at a high level.”

With the lockout in its fifth month, he said it just might be time for Plan B.

“I have gotten on the phone with my agent, saying, ‘Listen, maybe we need to peak our head on the other side and see the possibilities,’ ” he said of playing overseas. “Obviously, to have a season and go back January 1st and to know you need 30 days once the deal is complete, something’s got to be done soon. But you’ve got to open up the possibility, so I am looking.”

Kevin Durant’s people have further confirmed talks with the German team BBC Bayreuth this week as well.  KD and Wade would be the biggest two names to jump overseas if they choose to do so, obviously.  No offense to JR.

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