Dwight Howard Would Appreciate Some Enthusiam

Dwight Howard (Getty Images photo) via Daylife.com

Basketball ain’t golf, so feel free to make some noise out there.  Especially if you live in the greater Orlando area.  Dwight Howard would really appreciate it.

A Magic fan named Otiga Ogubi, under the twitter handle of @tstreetz77,

Howard agreed, expressing concern about the Amway Center crowd.

Howard wrote back, “that upsets me cuz I don’t wait till the playoffs to play hard. I give y’all my best everynite. Y becuz some people don’t get a chance to be at everygame. And I want them to always remember the nite they saw me play. So. I play for y’all. I feed off the fans. ESP at home. It’s a different atmosphere in the playoffs at the arena. That same atmosphere should be during the season.”

If you’re not adept at Twitter-speak, Howard said he plays hard every night because he wants every fan to remember the time he or she saw Howard play. Because he’s bringing his best every night, he wants fans to bring playoff intensity every night.

It could be worse for Dwight.  He could play in Miami, where fans don’t show up until the second quarter.  

This might not be the best time to be calling out the fans for anything.  And its not just because of the lockout.  People in Orlando are a little touchy about any signs of Dwight not feeling comfortable.  This is going to trigger an avalanche of message board mayhem where people start fearing   

Of course, fans could just show up and be really loud.  That’ll help too. 

Just a thought.