Dwight Howard’s Dancing With Mongolian Children Would’ve Been Better If Shaq Was There Too

I couldn’t help but envision this Ben Stiller-esque “Starsky and Hutch” style dance-off at the disco between Dwight Howard and Shaquille O’Neal after I was about fifteen seconds into the video below.  I don’t know why either, I’m just being honest with you.

I felt like any moment Howard’s rival caped crusader was going to jump into the mix and bust out a repertoire of break-dancing moves, which included spinning a couple of Mongolian kids on his index fingers, taking the proverbial dance-fight right back at Dwight and those wavy arm dances he was breaking out in his cameo with the Mongolian dancing troupe yesterday.  

Anyways, here’s the video, and hopefully you can just take it for what it is and not read anything more into it; Dwight Howard doing a Mongolian dance, with Mongolian children, yesterday in Mongolia: 


Dwight is on a promotional tour through the Far East with Addidas right now, which was what brought him to Mongolia in the first place.  And while he was a bit apprehensive on those high fives at the end, he does appear to be enjoying himself over there, which is great for him.  

YouTube: MrBatkhuu

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