Friday Photo Album: Dwight Howard Wins Our First “Plankee”

Dwight Howard is at it again. 

Back in June, Dwight and his buddy Gilbert Arenas went on a planking binge, which set off a bored-athlete planking frenzy that led to Javale McGee to actually plank during a game.  

Dwight is not to be outdone, though.  So when the opportunity presented itself in China, Dwight arranged for the first ever corporate plank, by getting dozens of people to plank on his new Adidas logo. 

Well done, Dwight.  For that, you get our first (and hopefully last) ever “Plankee”.  Display it with pride, good sir.

And your reward is every photo in our Friday photo album.  No captions necessary this time, these speak for themselves.  All photos come via SI.  Head on over there to see them all.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Plankingdwight planking